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The With Love Project are back with a New Book about Food.

Well, up there with our favourite subjects is most definitely what goes on our plate, especially from local, community led producers.

The With Love Project New Food Book is on the way!!

To give some background, just over three years ago Chris Roberts (Art Director) and Rob Evans (Photographer) started the With Love Project.

The focus of which was to find people who produce things with a passion and a purpose. Who truly care about what they do, and really importantly what they make.

Excitingly, this is their second trip around the country. As a result, they want you to back their new Crowdfunder to produce their new book.

The With Love Project New Food Book Crowdfunder

So, here’s the details…

The With Love Project is launching a £12,000 campaign to raise funds for the print of the new book. It’ll celebrate the people they’ve met on their travels around the country and document the journey through photography and personal stories. (With Rob & Chris involved it’ll definitely look and feel stunning).

The With Love Project new food book Crowdfunder pledges range from £5 to £1,500. And rewards include limited edition books and prints, produce from the makers and unique experiences that usually… money can’t buy.

Rob said:

“The visits for this book have drastically changed our outlook on how we eat. We now understand the power of eating locally, both economically and from a community focus.

We appreciate the benefits of using seasonal produce, reducing food miles and drastically increasing taste. And we also have great respect for the producers we’ve met and the practices that go into getting the food onto our plate.”

Some of the Makers Featured

The With Love Project New Food Book Crowdfunder Hallets Cider

Andy, Andrew and Anne Hallet of Hallets Cider.

The With Love Project New Food Book Crowdfunder Quicke's Cheese

Mary Quike of Quike’s Cheese

Chris said:

“We want to celebrate the people we’ve met and share the knowledge we’ve gained and do it in a beautiful book. One that captures the individual stories, the processes involved and gives the reader a better understanding of what’s available right here on our doorstep.”

The With Love Project new food book so far has been entirely self funded. If Rob and Chris can hit the numbers they need, they will work with GF Smith to find the best FSC paper. And Team impression in Leeds will be handling the production using vegetable based inks. The print run will be limited to a very collectable 1000.




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