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Meet Latham Arnott, making dem GIFs.

New Zealand based Latham Arnott is a man who is no stranger to the fine detail.

What’s motion graphics I hear you say?! Well let Latham Arnott show you…

Wellington (NZ) is a beautiful place to be based, and Latham must be used to focussing on the small subtle elements. Simply because in every piece that he produces the subject matter is simple but the movements, transitions and detail is incredibly complex.

For example, he may produce a piece that is focussed on a downhill cyclist. But, the camera movement, the pace, the segments of slow motion, the dust produced. All amount to an incredibly detailed piece.

Latham Arnott Motion Graphics

That’s what good motion graphics for us is all about. Detail, anyone can make a shape move but to give it personality when doing so? That’s the challenge.

A few examples of Latham’s work is below. 

Latham Arnott Motion Graphics Examples

Latham Arnott Motion Graphics Latham Arnott Motion Graphics Latham Arnott Motion Graphics Latham Arnott Motion Graphics


Check out more of Latham's work on his site.



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