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Get out! Get out now! with Matthew the Horse.

Matthew’s work is a rare blend of aesthetic originality and real depth, his work conveys observations of the system we are brought up in and work around.

Where then does someone like Matthew who thinks and communicates on such a deep level draw inspiration from?

We were lucky enough to get a chance to ask Matthew exactly that.

So, the short answer is…

Being Outside.

The majority of us will be inside in a warm room reading this piece on a screen. We’ll be very impressed if you have just scaled Everest, and with your celebratory outdoor cup of tea pull out your phone to check the latest CAF content.

And yes, if that is you, we owe you a digestive biscuit.

Get some outdoor inspiration

That’s just it as well, the inspiration pieces here are designed for you to read, soak up and act on. We aren’t designed for you to trawl through inspirations for hours with your face resting on your hand. We want you to go and DO. What better way of ‘doing’ than exploring the great outdoors around us.

In Matthew’s own words:

I love the seasons and the sky.

Walking and running and cycling. Alone or with friends. But always outside. I can’t think on the internet. I’m not interested. It’s not part of me. It’s not real. Neither is the news, the promotions, the events, the new things.

Elaborating further, Matthew goes on to say:

I prefer being outside. I like dirt, stone, water, trees, sky and my ability to be amongst it.

It doesn’t need to directly inspire work about the outdoors. Whatever kind of project I’m working on, I find I need to ground my thinking and assure myself that these proposals are valid and to do that it helps spending some time in the woods.

In summary, have you got some scruffy shoes and a camera? THEN GO!! Matthew shared this picture of him and his Boston Terrier Audrey in Ingleborough in North Yorkshire as a bit of inspiration.

Outdoor Inspiration

Matthew the Horse Inspiration Outdoor Illustration

Matthew the Horse and Audrey at Ingleborough


Check out more of Matthew's work on his site



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