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Where does Joe Cruz get Inspired?

London based Joe Cruz produces work with a focus on art, fashion and music.

Joe Cruz artwork if you haven’t seen it before is not only highly unique and full of energy. But incredibly uncluttered and simple. When we say Joe Cruz inspiration, you may think music venues, art galleries and underground movements.

And that’s because his work employs hands on methods and low-tech materials. Revolving around mark making and colour Joe has a very keen eye on composition and emotion.

Joe Cruz Inspiration Crazy Animal Face Joe Cruz Inspiration Crazy Animal FaceJoe Cruz Inspiration Crazy Animal Face

You would think then that someone like Joe who is so adept at pulling emotions together, would be very good at honing in on his inspiration in order to create his work.

Well, you’d be right.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Joe and talk to him about his inspirations and here’s what he said:

This may sound obvious but I would have to say the library. Having access to a good arts library is essential to my practice as there is an endless supply of books. Which provide constant inspiration and gives my work new direction.

I love going, letting my intuition lead me through. Picking up books by different artist moments and styles that I am never heard of and discovering a new aesthetic which really excites me to get back in the studio and try a new work of working.

Clearly the simple things generate similar effects. A quiet place that is packed wall to wall with inspiration but yet we jump straight online. Your local library is free so why not go there today?

Joe Cruz Inspiration – The Library

Joe Cruz Inspiration Crazy Animal FaceJoe Cruz Inspiration Crazy Animal FaceJoe Cruz Inspiration Crazy Animal Face

The London Library


Check more of Joe's work on his site.



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