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Hidden in Film.

We're built a playlist featuring the music that we love from film. Some you might know, some you won't.

The Hidden in Film Playlist is something here at Crazy Animal Face that we are incredibly passionate about.

Not only does it give us one gigantic excuse to watch films, but it gives an ever growing world of discovery. The synergy between music and film is an incredible thing.

With both being separate enjoyable elements in their own right, but in partnership adding a new layer to each other the Hidden in Film Playlist was born.

The result of which we hope will mean that you say:

Oh, what’s that from? I love that tune. I haven’t heard of that movie, we have to watch it!

As a further exploration into the creative mind, we at Crazy Animal Face want to feature both creators of film and music.

By featuring some of the work from filmmakers such as Quentin Dupieux (Mr.Oizo). We hope you discover his films such as Rubber, Wrong Cops & Steak, and as a result the soundtracks he’s produced with Gaspard Augé.

Additionally, by featuring the musical work of Johnny Jewel and Ornella Vanoni we hope you discover the films they have added a new dimension too including Bronson and Ocean’s 12.

Some Filmmakers and Musicians found in the Hidden in Film Playlist

Hidden in Film Playlist


Hidden in Film Playlist

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

Hidden in Film Playlist

The Chordettes

Hidden in Film Playlist

Ornella Vanoni

Hidden in Film Playlist

Johnny Jewel

Hidden in Film Playlist

Quentin Dupieux


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