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Say hello to EXTRAWEG!

EXTRAWEG is Berlin based Oliver Latta. And we cannot stop looking at his work.

EXTRAWEG Gif art is the stuff of dreams, or nightmares. Either way, apart from Zolloc we’ve never seen anything like his work before.

Berlin based EXTRAWEG who’s real name is Oliver Latta, describes his work as:

A deep passion for the aesthetic value, beautiful imagery and animation in every project approached. No matter if it is live action, 2D or 3D animation,  or everything combined.

And we agree, aesthetic value is definitely a big tick. And stories very much so, there’s a good reason that when a new piece of work is released it makes the internet fall over.

Some examples of EXTRAWEG Gif Art is below.

EXTRAWEG Gif Art examples



View more of Oliver's work on his site.



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