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Say hey to Bethany Christou.

Bethany Christou is a British illustrator based in leafy Hertfordshire, she loves creating Characters we love the fact that she does too.

Bethany Christou Illustration is stunning. We love the fact that she loves working with a combination of gouache paint and coloured pencils as well as digitally.

Based in Hertfordshire having graduated from Cambridge School of Art. Bethany talks about where her inspirations have come from:

Ever since she was little, Bethany has always loved drawing, reading and writing stories. In her work she loves creating characters with personality and stories to tell.

Bethany is now releasing her own picture books which we are VERY excited about. 

A few examples of Bethany’s work are below.

Bethany Christou Illustration Examples

Bethany Christou Illustration Bethany Christou Illustration Bethany Christou Illustration Bethany Christou Illustration


Check more of Bethany's work on her site.



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