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Watching people… (not in a creepy way) with Amanda Martin.

Amanda Martin is a Toronto based character illustrator, with one hand firmly on the present and one that effortlessly runs over the nostalgic past her work is packed full of memories whilst still being highly original.

Amanda’s focus is predominantly on the hugely varied female form, where then does Amanda draw her inspiration from?

If you are looking for Illustration Inspiration then look no further, we asked Amanda Martin that exact question and here’s what she said:

People watching!

Amanda then elaborated further…

Whether I’m on transit, or just going for a walk; I love seeing what people are wearing and how they interact with each other. For me, a great place to start any design or illustration is with real world reference. I find my drawings always feel a bit more grounded and I can really concentrate on design exploration with a strong base.

Amanda Martin Illustration Inspiration

People watching for Illustration Inspiration?

We the asked Amanda if there was anywhere particular that she would always go for the best people watching potential…

The shopping mall.

That’s a shopping centre if you are in the UK or haven’t ever seen Saved by The Bell.

Libraries and coffee shops are also really good places to go. Basically any place that has the option for sitting and beverages.

So, there you go! If you work on character design and need inspiration, there is an abundance of free sources of inspiration on your doorstep. Just go and get yourself into the nearest retail populous and bring your sketchbook along. You never know what you might see.


Check out more of Amanda's work on her site.



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