Crazy Animal Face is a platform with two aims, to fuel your creative passion and connect you with other people who think the same way.

Why is that important? Your creative passion is your soul, your reason to be, your Ikigai. And a tribe is the reason we will survive, that’s why the Crazy Animal Face logo is a Totem.

We fuel your creative passion by gaining insights from established creative people. And we connect you with other people by publishing them in a range of different ways.

Each one of the above touchpoints is designed to motivate, develop, direct and fuel your creative passion. They are then published in ways that encourage conversation.

So, if you are interested in Illustration, Animation, Design, Photography, Film, Fashion… Want to think differently and bounce your ideas off other creative people. We are for you.

We want you to make the most out of your creative passion and your ability to develop. So, jump into our network, get motivated, inspired and most of all get, your, smile, on.